3 Cocktails in a Carafe


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ChococoNut Martini (VG)
It’s like reminiscing about romantic beach holiday memories and adding chocolate to the mix. What’s not to love about this?
Vodka Belvedere | Coconut Rum | Sugar Syrup Madagascar Chocolate | Coconut Milk

Poseidon (VG) 
Making waves with the drink of Olympian Gods.
Southern Comfort | Sloe Gin | Peach Liqueur Blue Curacao | Lime Juice | Lemonade

Pornstar Martini (VG)
Probably Wags’ sexiest little sip! Grey Goose vodka gets up close and personal with Passoa, passionfruit juice and lemon. Delicately sip the shot of Prosecco on side, between sipping the martini or use it as a chaser. It’s up to you, we don’t judge!
Vodka | Passoa | Lemon Juice | Passion Fruit | Puree Passion Fruit Juice

Espresso Martini (VG)
A deliciously classic evening pick me up.
Vanilla Vodka | Coffee Patron Tequila | Espresso | Sugar Syrup

Margarita (VG)
There’s a good reason why this is America’s favourite drink. Deliciously sweet, salty and sour. Available in Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango and Peach.
Patron Tequila | Cointreau | Lime Juice

Mojito (VG)
The mighty mojito smashes lime, mint and lemonade and topped with rum. Muy bueno! To make it mucho mas bueno, choose from Passion fruit, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango and Peach.
White Rum | Brown Sugar | Lime | Mint | Lemonade

Melon Punch (VG)
A refreshing, fruity cocktail perfect for the summer months.
Vodka | Midori | Elderflower | Lemon Juice | Lemonade

Pink Love (VG)
Floral and pretty in pink with rose lemonade and elderflower mixed with Pink Gin and garnished with rose petals. Aaahh bliss…
Pink Gin | Elderflower Syrup | Rose Lemonade | Rose Petals

(V) Vegetarian · (VG) Vegan

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Chococonut Martini, Poseidon, Pornstar Martini, Espresso Martini, Margarita, Mojito, Melon Punch, Pink Love


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